About Us

Welcome to CROOX.

The truth behind our brand is simple. We've loved tattoo inspired clothing since we were young. The city we're from (St. Petersburg, FL) is "weird" and artistic" and we've just been inspired and surrounded by art all of our lives.

Since childhood our parents had tattoos and as we reached the age of 18 it was our way of expressing ourselves and letting out our "angst"

Well, we wanted to bring that feeling of expression back and wear it on our sleeves every day... Literally

So that's how CROOX was born, self-expression but done simply. To us it doesn't take thousands of colors and detailed designs to express ourselves.

We hope our brand helps you get that same feeling and that same level of expression. 

Also... I mean side note... We love dogs and dogs love our clothes... So if there's a certain special dog out there who you wanted to meet (come on just to play fetch with) well here's your chance!

We'd also love to hear from you! If you have any design ideas or expressions you'd like us to create just email devin@croox.net I can't guarantee we'll make anything but if it matches our brands guidelines and values then you have a shot

Here's an image of the Owner of the company... Brutus the dog

Devin Zander
Founder CROOX